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                      Rain-triggered floods leave 10 dead in central China provinc
                      Karzai calls on Taliban leader to run for presidency
                      Clashes allegedly kill 200 in Syrian town
                      Boy injured by air pump in serious condition
                      Foreign Minister: Fishermen injured by Phil. warships in Chi
                      China Q2 growth slows to 3-year low of 7.6%

                      Hengshui yonghua rubber plastic co., LTD., founded in 1990, is a professional manufacturer of rubber raw materials and rubber products. The company is located in north China the largest rubber chemical, rubber products distribution center - hengshui rubber city. The company address is located in the west of 106 national road location superior, convenient transportation.

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                      Fax: 0318-2681906
                      Mob: 13932865967
                      E-mail: 2110556176@qq。com
                      Website: http://www.agtdt.com
                      Zip code: 053000
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